The DISC model can be used to describe behavioural tendencies in a person’s behaviour and way of acting in various situations. Our behaviour changes depending on the context you are and different behavioural traits will be expressed in different situations. The DISC profile can be a tool to gain even greater understanding of oneself and others and also be a source of inspiration and further development.

In a recruitment situation DISC can be used to get an insight in how the applicant reacts in specific situations and which type of environment he/she feels most comfortable. It can illustrate some areas that might be difficult finding out just by interviewing the candidate.

The DISC analysis can also be used in development situations, because the assessment can tell you more about which areas the employee needs to develop. As the assessment provides a snapshot of how the employee behaves in a certain moment and situation, it can also change if something significant changes. It can therefore make sense to make a new profile after some time.

Team development
When working closely in a team, it's often beneficial to share each other's DISC profiles, as it gives the team a common language and a useful awareness of each other. You can also look at the employee's DISC profiles when making new teams in order to make sure that all areas are covered.

We also offer workshops and courses in teambuilding in combination with DISC.
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EUR 240 / DKK 1,800 per DISC analysis incl. personal feedback from a certified DISC trainer.

Feedback and report
The candidate get a personal feedback report, which can be used for further development.

The questionnaire
It should take 5-8 minutes to fill out the questionnaire, thus, it is important that you fill it out in an uninterrupted environment, use your first impulse and do not leave the questionnaire during the process.

Please be aware that it is not a test, and therefore, there are no right or wrong answers. The assessment gives a picture of your preferred work style.