360 degree

assessment for managers

360 degree assessment is a tool that provides you with feedback on qualifications, behaviour and experience acquired. You will get a summary of the scores from your own manager, colleagues and employees. This will be used when you receive feedback on strengths and weaknesses.

The assessment is an evaluation of your performance will be customized to your company and could be based on following areas:
- Values and behaviour
- Motivation and recognition
- Employee development
- Effective communication
- Goals and expectations
- Cooperation
- Decision-making
- Business acumen and professionalism
- Planning and efficiency

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For the assessment you need min. 6 respondendts (colleagues, leader and business partners).

EUR 600 / DKK 4,500 per profile incl. personal follow up.

Feedback and report
The candidate get a personal feedback report, which can be used for further development.

The questionnaire
The questionnaire consists of 45 questions + 2 open questions. The response time is around 20-30 minutes.
It can be answered in all languages - it is very important that you answer in a language you are comfortable with.