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Terms and Conditions
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Privacy Policy

Collection of personal data
At BESTSELLER we take privacy and security concern seriously. At the same time, we would like to give you the best possible experience when visiting our website. Therefore, we collect and use some information from you when you use our website, such as which pages you go to and what features you click on.

What does BESTSELLER use the data for?
BESTSELLER collects the personal data in order to be able to optimize our website and provide you with requested features. We engage external data processors such as hosting providers, analysts etc. which may process the data on our behalf.

Right of access
Visitors are welcome to contact BESTSELLER if they want information about which data are being processed on them and for which purposes. Visitors are also entitled to object to the collection and further processing of the personal data. If you want us to update, change or delete personal data which we process about you, or if you do not want to receive additional messages from us or if you have questions regarding the above guidelines, please contact us at

BESTSELLER has implemented technical and organizational security measures to ensure that our internal procedures comply with our high security standards. BESTSELLER always strives to protect the quality and integrity of your personal data in the best possible way.

Governing law
BESTSELLER processes personal data in accordance with the Danish data protection act. Danish law will regulate any circumstances or any disputes, which may occur in connection with usage of the website. Disputes will be subject to the Danish courts of law.

Cookie Policy

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